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GMS News 94 September 2016

Last Month’s Meeting The East Kent Railway

More than twenty members and friends assembled in the car park of the East Kent Railway at Shepherdswell. Members were impressed by the wide range of activities the Trust are involved in, from apprenticeship schemes to restoration and historical conservation. 
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GMS News 93 August 2016

Last Month’s Meeting A visit to Samphire Hoe   At our first outing of the summer we assembled at the visitor centre of Samphire Hoe. We met at the earlier time of 7.00 and we certainly needed the extra time as the warden, Paul Holt kept our attention for nearly two hours as he led us around the reserve in the late evening sunshine. Read the Full Story

GMS News 92 2016

A Backyard Meadow  
Who’d have thought it? A meadow in my own backyard! After a hectic start to the year  we fell way behind in the  garden. Mowing the grass was low down the agenda with so many plants to plant out, tomatoes to take out side shoots  and so on and on! By the time I had a spare moment to cut the grass it was as you se it in the photo.
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GMS News 91 June 2016

Our Rural Heritage  I am trying to collect as many photographs as I can of past activities in the village. Last month I featured activities in Three Horseshoes meadow. In the photograph above Fred Newing senior is tending his beehives at Redberry, now called Champlain’s Well. This photograph was kindly donated to the Society’s archive by the late Freda Assinder who sent me several photos. I am always on the lookout for old photos of activities in the village, so if you know of any could you please send me copies. I would particularly like to collect photos of farm workers, craftsmen, leisure activities or ceremonies, but all photos with links to the village would be appreciated. Read the Full Story

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GMS News 90 May 2016 23 June 2016, 10.28 Jim Society News
GMS News 90 May 2016
Three Horseshoes Meadow     Known officially as Rose Meadow, the land where South Court Garage now stands belonged to the Three Horseshoes. Between the wars it was a centre for many events In the village.
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GMS News 89 April 2016 12 June 2016, 15.06 Jim Society News
GMS News 89 April 2016
Last Month’s Meeting     Sixty nine people were at the last meeting of the Great Mongeham Society, a higher attendance than ever before. The attraction was a display of part of the Society’s archives.
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GMS News 88 Mar 2016 11 June 2016, 08.12 Jim Society News
GMS News 88 Mar 2016
Daffodils in season       Perhaps a few weeks early, even these have nearly
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GMS News 86 January 2016 10 June 2016, 11.57 Jim Society News
GMS News 86 January 2016
Daffodils in December? Daffodils flowering in December? These are in the field by the Village hall. Roses have been flowering throughout the winter and snowdrops were in bloom in late November. What a mild, wet winter we are
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GMS News 87 February 2016 20 February 2016, 15.03 Jim Society News
GMS News 87 February 2016
The Home Front We are all familiar with the work of land girls in the second World War, but less is written about the Women’s Land Army of World War 1. A few months before she died Freda Assinder sent me some copies of
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