A History of Great Mongeham

Chapter 1: A Village is Born



Read chapter 1 of "The History of Great Mongeham" telling the early story of how the area of great Mongeham became settled in Saxon times...


Chapter 2: After the Conquest

A battle is lost

William defeated Harold Godwinson at Battle, near Hastings, in 1066. The battle, the power struggle between the ambitious Godwin family and Edward the Confessor, and the involvement of William of Normandy would make a cinematographic epic to rival any dramatisation of mythical heroes such as King Arthur or Robin Hood. It has forbidden love, intrigue, treachery and.bloodshed leavened by loyalty and courage. And it really happened.


Chapter 3: The story of St. Martin's Church


After defeating Harold at Hastings, William the Conqueror sent out his commissioners to survey the whole of his new kingdom so he could raise taxes more efficiently. Thus was written the ‘Domesday Book’, which was completed in 1087.


Chapter 4. The Fair at Great Mongeham

altOne of the joys of local history is to build a story by putting together evidence from a wide number of sources. Such is the story of the Fair at Great Mongeham. The photograph shows the stile which leads from the Three Horseshoes to Fairfield.


Chapter 5: Lords of the Manor - the Criols.

Bertram de Crioll

Walmer_Manor_House_ruinsThe family which provided the lords of the manor of Great Mongeham from the twelfth to the end of the fifteenth century was among the most powerful in the land. Variously written as Criel, Cryoll and Kyriell they were the Kyriel family, Lords of Westhanger and of several East Kent Manors, as well as estates throughout the land. 


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