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Poverty in the Village


The Welfare State as we know it today has evolved over a great many generations, and current debates and practices concerning poverty echo through the centuries.   Migration was often seen as the solution, and families or individuals left Great Mongeham to seek a better life. Some migrated to other parts of the UK while others went to the United States, Australia or Canada. There is a whole branch of the Barwick clan in Australia. This article refers to the families of William Parker and J. Camwell who migrated to the U.S.A. Unfortunately I have no information of these or other families after they left the village. If you are a descendent of these or other migrant families to destinations either here or overseas, please let me know your story via the 'Contact Us' section.


The Village Remembered


The Reverend Peter Hambrook has lived his life in the village. A couple of years ago he recorded some of his memories of the village in the Great Mongeham Newsletter which is delivered each month to every home in the village. Those articles are now reprinted here. Perhaps they invoke recollections of your own. If so, please share them with us in the add comments section at the end.




Great Mongeham Malthouses


There were two malthouses in operation in the village through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Great Mongeham Society has a number of papers relating to both. In the nineteenth century one was operated by the Bray family and the other by the Harrisons. The photo shows what remains of the Bray malthouse.

Transcriptions of some of the papers pertaining to the two malthouses are included on this website.


Memorial to Captain Maynard


Captain Maynard

Lieutenant Robert Maynard was the commander of the sloop The Jane which was boarded by the notorious pirate Blackbeard Teach.


Crayford Arbitration Award


In the dispute between William Crayford and William Vaughan

Given by 


This is a transcription of a document in the possession of the Great Mongeham Society. An accurate photo-facsimile of the document hangs in the Great Mongeham Parish Hall


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