GMS Notes No. 34. April 2011

Forge Cottage.


The newly thatched roof of 112 Mongeham Road is a wonderful piece of artistry. David Kenward and his team from the Kent Master Thatchers have given the old house a block ridge cut with a paisley patterned ridge. The roof was last completely thatched in 1973 by David’s father. Toby, Wendy and Alfie Winchester must be proud of the job that has been done for them.

Thank you Diana for the piece about Forge Cottage. For a change I was able to take the photo in bright sunshine. The weather has been great, but we could do with some rain.




Wildflower of the Month


altaltThe splendid white flowers of the blackthorn, Prunus spinosa adorn our hedgerows this month. Soon hawthorn will be brightening our hedgerows, and at first glance they may be mistaken for one another. However hawthorn’s alternative name, may, gives a clue as to when it flowers.

Blackthorn’s other name, sloe, comes from the fruits which ripen in the autumn and are used to make sloe gin. Prick your sloes all over and pack into a sterile bottle. Add half their weight of caster sugar and cover the sloes with gin. Shake the bottle daily for a week then weekly for two months. when it will be ready to drink. On Christmas day enjoy the fruits of your labours.


Last Month’s Meeting

altAlthough Reg Coleman’s talk was entitled Invasions of the British Isles since 1 AD he managed to encompass a synopsis of the entire history of our island as he put the various invasions into an historical context. Without resource to notes and with only one visual aid, a map of Europe, he managed to keep us rapt for over an hour. I was particularly interested in his account of the invasion by the Dutch fleet in 1667, both its context and its aftermath in the strengthening of the Royal Navy.



April Meeting

altWhether you are a solo swimmer or in a race; whether you make the entire crossing or are part of a relay; in fact if you make any kind of crossing of the Channel it cannot be recognised as official unless it is witnessed by official observers.

Steve Franks, one of those observers, will be giving a talk next month on Cross Channel Swimming. No doubt it will be a combination of history and personal observation. In any event it promises to be fascinating and I, for one, am looking forward to it. We meet, as usual, in the Village Hall at 7.30 on Thursday 21stApril.


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