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Christmas_treeChristmas Tree and Carols

For the first time the village will have a Christmas tree on the green near the hall. It has been donated by Cllr Brian Knight and the Parish Council have provided the lights. The tree will be put up by David Solley and the lights turned on on 10th December.


There is no meeting this month. Instead The Great Mongeham Society is organising an evening of carols and seasonal songs around the tree on Thursday 22nd December at 7p.m. Singing will be led by the Great Mongeham Singers after which refreshments will be served in the hall. The Saint Martin’s Handbells will be rung in the Hall for everyone to hear how wonderful they sound. Come along and enjoy a festive evening.


Christmas Cake


½ lb butter                       ½ lb self raising flour
½ lb dark brown sugar      ½ lb sultanas   
½ t½ lb dried mixed fruit   4 eggs 
Tablsp. mixed spice           1 tablsp. black treacle                              A few drops glycerine
2 oz flaked almonds
4 oz glacé cherries


1 Line 8" diameter cake tin with a double layer of greaseproof paper.
2 Tie brown paper round the outside.
3 Cream butter and sugar before adding the well-beaten eggs by degrees.
4 Sift the spice and flour together and add to the mix.
5 Stir in all other ingredients.
6 Turn into the tin and I cook it at 130°C for 3¼ hours or so, but
check for doneness.
7 When cool, puncture the cake and drop in as much whisky as you like. Wrap in foil and store.
8 Before icing, drop in more whisky.

Last Month’s Meeting

The Great Mongeham Society held their 11th A G M in the Parish Hall last month and celebrated with an iced cake made by Sylvia Bowsher (recipe above). A good attendance re-elected Dr John Bowsher as chairman and Dr Steve Chappell Santaas Cake_Birthdayvice chairman. Committee members elected were Sajjad Afzal-Woodward, Sylvia Bowsher, Carol Greener, Audrey Pitchford, Jim Rees and Patricia Scott-Bradford. Treasurer, Brian Knight recommended the subscription be held at £7 with visitors paying £2. This was agreed.

Archivist Jim Rees displayed a large selection of maps and documents collected over the years including a copy of the village charter of 760 given by Eadbhert 11 King of Kent.

Alan Palmers talk on ephemera collections was so well received that he was invited to talk again next year. He brought examples from his huge stock ranging from 17th and 18th century documents to 20th century packaging, posters, labels, etc. He sells items on the internet at

The 2012 programme will open with the noted photographer Ralph Hoult with views of old Ramsgate before, during and after the second world war. The meeting will be on Thursday 19th January at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall.

Sajjad Afzal-Woodward

 Note: the cake was baked by Sylvia and decorated by Diana.

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