GMS Notes No.46 April 2012


Village Photos

Instead of a wildflower this month I have decided to include a photograph of a familiar building from an unfamiliar angle. Do you know where it is? Answer next month.


Last Month’s Meeting

At our March meeting Matt Solley gave us a fascinating insight into the complexities of modern farming. The use of computers and Global Positioning Satellites in cultivating the land introduced us to a hi-tech world far removed from the traditional picture of the farmer. And yet Matt managed to convey an empathy for the land which still seems a prerequisite for the modern farmer.


The Village Fête  

GMS_stall_at_feteOur annual village fête will be held on Saturday, 7th July. As usual we will be making our contribution. This year we will be concentrating on raising funds, so we will not be putting on our usual display of village history.

We already have a couple of ideas for sideshows, but are on the lookout for some novel ideas which could raise us some money. If you have any ideas and/or equipment to use please get in touch with someone on the committee. We would like to have a corner of the green with about half a dozen sideshows. We will discuss ideas at the next meeting. 



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