GMS Notes No.47 May 2012

Wildflower of the Month

English_bluebell_1English_bluebell_2I know I have featured it before, but I find the display in Willow Wood each year quite breathtaking and is well worth our annual visit. This month I am making an extended feature.

The bluebells in the wood are nearly all the native ones, with their slender arching stems and deep blue colour (right top). However I did see some signs of their hybridisation with the Spanish bluebell, which is altogether a much coarser English_bluebell_3looking flower with its thicker, erect flowering stems and broader leaves. Several gardens in the village have large swathes of this variety, which

is much more vigorous than our native one. The erect flowering stem of the Spanish variety can be seen on the right.

Since they propagate freely from seed and the Spanish variety can pollinate the native one, our native bluebell appears to be doomed.


Last Month’s Meeting

Western_heights_3Again Paul Wells gave the talk unaided as his colleague was detained at work. However he kept us entertained all evening with the history of the Western heights as well as anecdotes and an account of the desecration of the remains and efforts to preserve the site and bring it back to a state where it can be enjoyed by all. The volunteers of the Dover Western Heights Society have done a great job so far. Can I recommend you all to their open day on the weekend of the 14th and 15th July. We have now been twice and will probably go again if we have visitors. If you are looking for a good place to take children or grandchildren I am sure they will find the various re-enactments quite exiting and the money raised is used to continue the excellent work done by the volunteers.

The photo shows Paul and other volunteers hard at work around the drop redoubt.


Village Spring Clean 

Orange bags of litter were dumped outside the parish hall in Great Mongeham last week. Not vandalism - They had been picked up by some dedicated workers in a village spring clean.

From Tuesday to Friday volunteers were busy through the village clearing roads and footpaths, picking up an amazing amount of rubbish. The work was co-ordinated by our society. It was
surprising how much litter had been found, especially on the footpaths. One path in particular had too many large items so the Council had to be asked to clear it. Thanks go to all who helped.

This article was submitted by Diana. Of course she and Brian were the principal co-ordinators of the enterprise, so our thanks must be extended to them in particular.



May Meeting

This month Alan Fox will give us an account of his “Life in Silver”. Alan is a silversmith and has made some fantastic trophies. He is also a Freeman of the City of London.

We meet as usual at 7.30 on Thursday. 

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