GMS Notes No.49 July 2012

Last Month’s Meeting

village_walk_3For the June meeting we completed the walk around the village which was abandoned last year because of the inclement weather. We started Village_walk_2where we left off last time. Reg and Margorie Colman kindly invited us in to have a look around their house. It reflected a feature of several houses in the village. An eighteenth century house was extended in the early nineteenth century into a much grander dwelling. We continued our walk, looking at some of the more significant buildings before ending up at the Three Horseshoes where complimentary sandwiches provided an excellent accompaniment to the fine real ales.



Wildflower of the Month


Hedge_woundwort_2Hedge_woundwort_1If you have ever tried plucking the leaves of this plant you will be aware of its strong pungent odour. The hedge woundwort (Stachys sylvatica) is a member of the deadnettle family (Labiates) which also includes sage.

Compensating for its smell are the quite beautiful flowers which are a mottled magenta. The form of the flower is typical of the labiates, having an upper lip forming a hood over its stamens and pistil. And a drooping lower lip.

Its name derives from the fact that its leaves have styptic properties and when pressed to a cut helps stem the flow of blood. I understand that it is mildly antiseptic and “a distilled water of the flowers makes the heart merry, to make a good colour in the face, and to make the vitall spirits more fresh and lively” though I wouldn’t recommend   trying it!.


Audrey_in_RochesterJim_in_RochesterLast month three of us went with the Friends of the Centre for Kent Archaeology on a tour of old Rochester. We had an hour to spend before the tour and so we went into Rochester Museum. What a revelation! One section has been converted into a mock up of an old Medway hulk which were once used to accommodate French and American prisoners of war during the American war of independence.

There is also a Dickens gallery and much else. The guided tour of Rochester was also very good. In fact we decided to go back to spend more time at some of the places. Tea and cake at the Cathedral teashop was a perfect end to the day.

After a visit to the Tracey Emin exhibition a few days ago we went to the Margate museum. This is another little gem tucked away in the old town, and made up for slight disappointment at the art gallery. 

July Meeting 



Contrary to information given at the last meeting, the July meeting is (as per programme) a visit to the lifeboat station at Walmer. I believe the intention is to make our own way to the lifeboat station for 7.30 pm on Thursday 19th July. If anyone needs a lift please let me know.

Let’s hope the weather is on our side and the evening turns out well. 

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