GMS Notes No.52 November 2012

Wildflower of the Month


dock_1dock_3Next time you see a dock in flower, while it is still green and before it has developed its rusty brown seeds, have a close look at the delicate pale pink and white flowers. They do not last long but are well worth looking out for. However don’t let it go to seed because those hundreds of seeds will germinate freely.

There is no evidence that dock leaves do more than soothe stinging nettle stings due to the coolness of the sap. It might also give the person something to do while the stinging sensation goes away of its own accord.

I understand that the leaves are edible, but haven’t tried them myself. Sorrel, a close relative of dock, has sharp tasting leaves which can add piquancy to a green salad. That I have tried myself on several occasions, but am not too taken with it. 

An addition to our archive

Sue Solley recently sent me copies of a couple of articles relating to the history of our Parish Hall, written (I believe) by Olive Jameson from the minutes of the Parish hall Committee.

Perhaps someone would like to use the minutes to compile the later history of the Hall.



Last Month’s Meeting

Vince_BurrowsWe were entertained last month by a fascinating talk on how geophysics is used in archaeology. Vince Burrows is a well respected professional in his field, and his talk was informative without becoming too technical. He gave us an overview of how different techniques were used according to the requirements of the dig before going on to tell us about his ongoing project at an Anglo-Saxon cemetery in the Alkham Valley.

Using slides he described several Anglo-Saxon burials, including the one dubbed the Wolverton Warrior. It is anticipated that this will provide a centrepiece for a display in Dover Museum.

More on the Alkham Valley project can be found at his website at :- 



November Meeting

Pears_soapThe Annual General Meeting

Please note! The AGM will be held on the 29th November, which is the 5th Thursday, not our usual third Thursday. This is because of the ballot for a Police Commissioner.

We will be electing a new committee. John will be standing down as chairman, so we will need to elect a new one. We are always looking for new committee members, so why not volunteer?

After the meeting Alan Palmer (who showed us photos of old Ramsgate at the beginning of the year) will give a talk on the “Early Advertising of Pears Soap”.  

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