GMS Notes No.53 December 2012



Carols on the Village Green

The Parish Council is once again organising Christmas carols around the Christmas tree on the village green. The event proved most successful last year and this year promises to be even better.

6.30pm Friday 21st December






Last Month’s Meeting

Did you notice my faux pas last month? Alan Palmer talked to us about collectibles last November, not about Margate.

This month he talked to us about the advertising of Pears’ soap. His description of the advertising campaign in the last decades of the nineteenth and first decades of the twentieth centuries was quite fascinating. Not only did they use paintings such as the famous Bubbles  by Millais, but also a variety of other methods, many of which seem quite modern. They were also responsible for the Pears’ Cyclopaedia, the latest edition of which was released this year to mark the queen’s jubilee. They also produced the Pears’ annual until 1920 and organised an annual Miss Pears event. 


January Meeting

Deal_HoodenersIt has become a tradition that the first meeting of the year should be a bit of a party, and this year is no exception. Diana has invited the Deal Hoodeners to come and entertain us. Their last visit was very well received. They always provide excellent entertainment.

There will also be a buffet, so could everyone bring along an item of food to add to the spread. Mulled wine will be provided from the GMS coffers. We meet on 17th January. Bring along a friend to share the fun. 


#1 Ivan&PatriciaHammond 2013-06-21 10:31
Hello - live in Melbourne, Australia. Ivan is descended from Richard and Jane (nee Hooper); I came to Gt. Mongeham in 2002, just very briefly. Saw a Barwick grave at the Church. Loved recent tribute by your web site to the Barwick family. Many, many and many descendants in Tasmania & NSW. Large family book on them all was written up some years ago. What happened to John - the Silversmith - please. Best wishes to all.
#2 Jim 2013-06-21 11:13
Could anyone help please? I would reiterate my request for someone from the Barwick Family society to get in touch with me.

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