GMS Notes No.56 March 2013

Last Month’s Meeting


Brian_L-SLast month many members of our Society came away feeling quite emotional after member Brian Laverick Smith had recounted his exploits in relation to climbing the Matterhorn to raise money for Brian_L-S_with_screencancer research.   His quest was prompted by the story of Linda Bowditch who in 1982 was diagnosed with bone cancer.  Brian and friends planned to raise sponsorship to climb the Matterhorn and raise awareness in so doing. After the weather beat them in 1982 and again the following year they were determined to succeed in 1984, planning to take Linda with them. Sadly Linda died that year, but the third and successful attempt went ahead.



A Message from Diana

I want to congratulate Jim for the article he wrote, “Where is Mongeham?” in the March edition of the Journal of Kent History. It must have taken him hours of research for, as he says, much of what had previously been written could not be substantiated. He has set out the history of the village and the surrounding villages concisely giving a clear picture of the past.

The Society purchase 6 copies of the Journal that are distributed to members with a list attached with the instruction to pass on as quickly as possible. They were received last week so some of you will have a wait to read Jim’s article. If you would like your own copy this can be arranged.



Vulcan_bomberMarch Meeting

We are fortunate to have members who are prepared to give us talks on a wide variety of topics. On March 21st another of our members, Alan King, who is very involved in the restoration of the Vulcan bomber will give us a talk . Naturally the topic will be the aircraft which is dear to his heart. 



Newing_testimonialA New acquisition

Below is part of a testimonial which was passed on to Nigel Pitchford by a woman who used to live at Champlain’s Well. She is a descendant of Henry Newing who received the testimonial and a purse of £12 when he retired from the Parish Council in 1913.

A full image of the testimonial will be put on the website soon.


#1 P M Scott-Bradford 2013-03-30 11:16
Brian L-S talk is really worth listening too and could be heard for a second time, as with his other talks

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