GMS Notes No.63 November 2013


An addition to our archive.

Rev. Peter Hambrook has kindly donated a large part of his personal collection relating to the history of Great Mongeham. The collection includes photographs, newspaper cuttings, personal recollections, a parish magazine from 1938 and a range of other material. I have catalogued the collection and will bring it to the next meeting of the society. Perhaps someone can identify the choristers.



Last Month’s Meeting

Visit of the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner to the Great Mongeham Society

Steve_Chappell_Chairman_introduces_Ann_Barnes_2At our last meeting Ann Barnes discussed her role as Kent Police and Crime Commissioner.

In carrying out her wide ranging responsibilities she sees herself very much a representative of the people of Kent. As such she has set up a number of initiatives to increase her contact time with members of the public. They include regular surgeries held in various parts of the county, where people can meet her to raise concerns they might have in any area of policing. She hopes to hold the next one in this area if anyone can offer her access to suitable premises.

Ann Barnes told the Society how the latest budget cut £50m from her policing budget which equated to a loss of 400 police officers and further cuts in the pipeline would see the loss of a further 200. She said that the Kent Police were able to restructure to accommodate the cuts but that the system was now creaking at the seams. However morale in the Kent Police Force remains high.

Nevertheless Ms Barnes is well aware of a lack of police presence in rural areas. That is why she has instituted mobile police stations which will move around the county on a fortnightly basis.

The presentation was well received by those present and the Commissioner stayed long after the conclusion of the meeting, talking to members of the Great Mongeham Society.

November Meeting

Annual General Meeting

David_Bradley_with_apples_smallOur next meeting to be held at the Village Hall on Thursday, 21st November, will be the AGM where we will receive reports from the officers and elect a committee for the coming year.

This should not take too long, leaving plenty of time for our speaker, David Bradley. After a distinguished career in the army was cut short by serious injuries sustained on active duty in Iraq David returned to join his father in running the family fruit farm, Selson Farm in Eastry. There they start the season with asparagus, then follow up with cherries, then apples and pears. This year PO_detailDavid received first prize for his Gala apples for the second year running at the National Fruit Show.


Another Photo

This is a detail from another photo from Peter’s collection. Is it Walter and Minnie Wraight? It was taken outside their shop in the early part of the twentieth century.

If someone could write their recollections of shops in the village I could put it in the next Notes.


Below is the catalogue of Peter's collection




GMA/PH – The Peter Hambrook collection

GMA/PH1/ - photographs       – (p = loose photo, mp = mounted photo, pc = photocopy)

p1 church interior

p10 Church & rectory

pc4 Manor House

p2 post office pre-war

mp1 Champlain’s well

pc5 Stonehall

p3 Lamp Cot & Champlain’s

mp2 Friendly Port

pc6 Church

p4 Above enlarged

mp3 Ripple School

pc7 Ripple Road ca1900

p5 Choir

mp4 Sholden Bank

pc8 Forge cottage postcard with ref to Bridge’s nurse

p6 Peter in skiffle group

mp5 Belmont Terrace

p7 Solley farm workers

pc1 School pupils ca 1910

p11 Church tower reversed

p8 Newscutting of above

pc2 Feeding chickens

Sundry others not numbered

p9Mongeham Road 1901

pc3 Sholden Bank farmhouse


GMA/PH2/ - St. Martin’s Church

c1 Re-hanging of bells 1911-13 & correspondence of benefactor Arthur Wollaston
c2 A Short History of the Village and Church –multiple copies
c3 Various other docs.

GMA/PH3 - Home Guard
Booklet of Stand Down Parade of Sth (Wingham) Battalion; Photographs of Home Guard,including one taken in front of Walmer Castle.

GMA/PH4 - Photos etc Thompson family at Great Mongeham House.

GMA/PH5 - St Martin’s Parish Magazine Oct. 1938,  Church Monthly Jan 1946

GMA/PH6 - Locally written histories
hl - History of the village & its church — Rev Tonks — multiple copies
h2 - Rough Notes — Maggie Hislop
h3 - spurious map — John Cook’s ideas on what the village might have looked like in 1090 contains several factual errors.
h4 - Alleged history of 3 Horse shoes —contains no references to sources and does not relate to information from accredited sources although many surnames appear in the Parish records.

GMA/PH7 - Recollections of the village by Brenda Fowler

GMA/PH10 - From newspapers, including extracts from old local newspapers (19th C) and a photocopy of prize-winners of 1965 Gt. Mongeham flower show.

GMA/PH11 - photocopies of extracts from various histories of Kent, including Hasted & Saunters Through Kent . Also East Kent Light Railways.


#1 Marianne Malthouse 2014-04-07 10:00
The photo of the choir was the first thing I saw when I opened the webpage. That is me, second from left in the front row, my sister Roxanne is behind me, I think it is Jamie Kupicha on right of front row (who was tragically killed age 13) also his two sisters are there (I think). I also remember Mrs Wraight who was very old and the shop was dark and cramped and she had goods piled up everywhere. I can write some memories if you are interested
#2 John davis 2014-04-19 18:19
Hi, I note with great interest GMA/PH4 Home Guard stand down parade, any photos, details would be great, my Dad was in the unit as Dispatch rider John Bromley Davis, I am happy to pay/give donation for any information
#3 Jim 2014-04-24 11:18
Sorry, I was a bit late in responding. There is too much to scan in at the moment. Perhaps later in the year.
#4 Marianne Malthouse 2014-06-01 12:31
The choir photo is very interesting. My maiden name was Guy and that is me second from left in the front row. My sister Roxanne is 4th from left in middle row. Ruth Phillips is in the middle of the back row. Beatrice Kupicha is next to me in front row & her twin brother Jamie is next to her, who died tragically in an accident age 12. I lived in Cherry Lane, don't know if anyone still living in Gt Mongeham remembers me & my family.

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