GMS Notes No.68 April 2014

A Personal Experience of the flooding


Yeoman_cottage_2014In the first half of the twentieth century the water table was higher, and flooding was a regular event. Perhaps through drainage into coalmines or extraction by water companies the water table fell - until now. Patricia Scott-Bradford was one of the people along Mongeham Road who experienced flooding. Here is her account.


I was one of many whose cellar was flooded recently, the first time to my knowledge. When we came to 153 /155 Mongeham Road 35 years ago the cellar was dry with a dirt floor and low head room under the beams. Many years ago the coal for the fires was sent down to the cellar via a chute at the back .

The earth was dug out and a membrane and cement floor laid and for the next 35 + years was the driest place in the cottage until late February 2014 when about 16"of water appeared and soaked every thing stored there. Without a loft or attic the most natural place to use. Twisting steps made lt hazardous to go down unless you went back wards with head bent. Every thing was retrieved, soaking wet and put on the drive to drain . Art paper, jigsaws, material, magazine and hooks, craft items, garden chairs and their cushions, Christmas tree and decorations and more.

A pump was put in and a sump cut through the cement, to allow it to work when necessary with the outlet through the cellar window onto the road .Watch out, to stand near by your feet could get wet, when it all gushed out.

Thank goodness for neighbours and Steve plus three dehumidifiers, all working 24/ 7 for the cottage to get back to normal. The pump is at the ready, if it happens again . Large hooks into the beams and big storage bags to suspend every thing, and hope they are out of the reach of the water level this time.


Last Month’s Meeting

Several visitors swelled a good membership turnout to hear Brian Marlow speak about keeping bees to produce honey. He described the life of the honey bee and their communication. They have five eyes, two large and three which work like a sat-nav. Brian also talked about how to manage a hive. He concluded with a review of other types of bee, such as bumble bees and solitary bees which all provide a service as pollinators.





Hayward_boatbuilderApril Meeting

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Deal was a centre for boat building, notably the Deal luggers and Deal galleys. On Thursday, 17th April at 7.30 Steve Milne will show models which his grandfather built of the Deal fishing fleet and will no doubt have much to tell us about the boats.






Great Mongeham Badminton and Table Tennis

You may have noticed that the floor of the Village Hall has been marked out for badminton. This is because this month sees the start of regular meetings for the Great Mongeham Badminton and Table Tennis club which meets Wednesdays at 8.00 and Fridays, 7.00. It is for players of all abilities, experienced or new to the sports

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