GMS Notes No.69 May 2014

Bluebells in Willow WoodsBluebells_2014

Spanish_bluebells_2014Every year I mention our annual trip to Willow Wood to see the bluebells. That is because I never seem to tire of the shear beauty of the sight of great carpets of deep blue blooms.

Sadly the bluebells grown in gardens is the much more vigorous Spanish bluebell. It hybridises freely with our native species, and each year I see more evidence of that hybridisation in the woods.

It is easy to distinguish between them. The photo on the front features the slender arching stems and deep blue flowers of the native species. The photo right shows the Spanish species, upright with thicker stems and pale blue flowers. Altogether a much less delicate plant.

We have almost eliminated them from our garden now, although they seed freely and are very persistent.


Steve_Milne_AprilLast Month’s Meeting

Steve Milne’s grandfather’s models were magnificent in their immaculate detail, including oars, boathooks and other features. However it was Steve’s vast collection of photographs and other images of the world of the Deal Boatmen in years gone by which caught the imaginations of our members.  


May Meeting

In 1981 Rod LeGear founded the Kent Underground Research Group to carry out research into the origins, use and history of the many subterranean features of Kent and the South East. He will be at our meeting on Thursday, 15 May at 7.30 to talk to us about the work of the group. I have seen some of the pictures of their activities on their website, so be assured, it promises to be another very interesting meeting. 

The Village Fête

Our hoopla stall at the last village fête was a great success, largely due to the number of prizes donated. That is why we are sending out another appeal for prizes.

The idea is simple. About 40 numbered pegs were put in the ground and rings were thrown. If a peg was ‘ringed’ the prize with the corresponding number was given. We had about 100 prizes which meant that the sideshow was kept running all afternoon. Prizes ranged from small fluffy toys to books and a bottle of whisky. If you have a donation please bring it to our next meeting.

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