GMS News No. 70 June 2014

Self Sown Gems

PoppiesA packet of poppy seeds bought over a decade ago continues to give pleasure as rhe self sown gems pop up all over the garden.





Last Month’s Meeting

Rod_LeGear_2Rod Legear gave an interesting talk on Underground Kent, from Chislehurst via Eastry to Dover Castle and Augustin Pugh’s residence. The talk included dene holes near brickfields, Ash and the radar station in service during the cold war.

Rod_Legear_with_Paul_WellsPerhaps you can recognise one of our members in the photo.

Thanks to Patricia Scott Bradford for text and John Bowsher for the pictures. 











Choir Information 

Perhaps you recall this photo from November’s Notes.Choir_in_church_3







A couple of weeks ago this message from Marianne Malthouse was posted on the website.

The choir photo is very interesting. My maiden name was Guy and that is me second from left in the front row. My sister Roxanne is 4th from left in middle row. Ruth Phillips is in the middle of the back row. Beatrice Kupicha is next to me in front row & her twin brother Jamie is next to her, who died tragically in an accident age 12. I lived in Cherry Lane, don't know if anyone still living in Gt Mongeham remembers me & my family.

So now we know the names of about a quarter of the choir, and the approximate date. Perhaps someone can add some more information and a precise date for the photograph.

June Meeting

Bat__Trap_1788Traditionally we have outdoor meetings in the summer months. The next meeting is no exception. Once again we will engage in the traditional Kentish game of Bat and Trap. However this time it will not take place at the Knight residence, but at the Chappell rural retreat in Ellen’s Road. Ripple View, the |Chappell residence, is not difficult to find. There aren’t many houses in the road and it’s one of the houses nearer to the village.

Bat and trap is probably mediaeval in origin. The picture below from 1788 shows trap ball, which looks remarkably similar to the game we will be playing.

Another reminder to bring along prizes to donate for the hoopla stall. If we are going to repeat the success of last year we must get a few more prizes, Any item, large or small can be used. Sylvia is collecting the prizes.



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