GMS News 73 November 2014

Great Mongeham in the Great War

WW1_Phillips_in_group_photo_smallIn this, the centenary year of the outbreak of WW1 it seemed fitting to include a tribute.

The photographs show a group of Royal Defence Corps (a forerunner of the Home Guard), which includes Marion Boyce’s grandfather, Percy Phillips, who was a local builder and blacksmith.

Marion supplied these photos and this account "A searchlight was set up in a field in the village, and was manned by local Home defence soldiers. Percy is the one standing at the very end on the right, if my history serves me, searchlights wereunder the control of the Sappers. My Grandfather, Percy, served during WWI at Richborough as a member of the Royal Artillery. When I was about 4 or 5, my grandfather told me some men from the group were on watch by night for fires, aeroplanes, Zeppelins etc. They were based in the top storey Brewery Farmhouse."


This information came from Frederick Solley’s Daughter Joan Wakeham:

"The farm’s horses were requisitioned and shipped to France to support the War effort. The long building behind Brewery Farmhouse was used to stable the mules and house the gun carriages belonging to an artillery unit billeted in the village. The mules were temperamental beasts and the young conscripts couldn’t manage them. They smashed the gates, which certainly didn’t please Frederick Solley."

 Joan remembered the kitchen maids polishing up the brass buckles and buttons for the soldiers who were billeted in the village.


Last Month’s Meeting

Mandy_P_with_recyclablesAt the September meeting Mandy Pile talked rubbish. Literally! Mandy is the Waste Services Manager for Dover District Council and her talk was mainly about Mandy_Pile_with_Brian_LSrecycling. A seemingly unprepossessing topic produced a quite lively discussion as we were led through the sequence of events leading to our waste being turned again into something useful. Mandy stressed the importance of following the rules regarding what materials were recyclable as a whole truck load could end up in landfill if too many non-recyclable materials (plant pots, plastic bags, polythene buckets, etc) were included. The rule is ‘if in doubt, leave it out’.




Granny_clip_art_mediumNovember Meeting

Our next meeting on Thursday, 20 November 2014 in the Village Hall will be “From Grandma’s Attic”, when members will bring along items which are quirky or unusual, or have a story behind them or are just interesting. An antiques expert will be along to value some of the more valuable items. This will follow the Annual General Meeting which will start at 7.30 when a new committee will be elected. All are welcome.


#1 Alex Rigden 2014-12-27 11:47
Can anyone name the other soldiers in the pictures.

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