GMS News 81 August 2015


More Village Fête Pictures


John and Sylvia ran the croquet  


Last Month’s Meeting




A cold and windy evening did not deter 15 members from meeting at Samphire Hoe last month.












Warden Paul Holt took us on a 90 minute tour pointing out the varied flora and fauna thriving on the site. This included orchids, rock sea lavender, stone chats  gannets, and rare moths.He also told tales of the past and the people who lived at the foot of the cliffs. It was agreed that another visit should be made next year.

Words from Diana Knight, Pictures John Bowsher






August Meeting

A look at some of the oldest houses in the village.

Aerial_photo1970_147-_155__Mongeham_rdThe practice of modernising and adding extensions to houses is not a new phenomenon. In fact there are few houses in the village which have remained unchanged over the centuries. On our walk around the village we will look at some of these changes. The aerial photo below was taken in the 1970s.

We will start on the drive leading to the church between Great Mongeham House and Fairfield at 7.00 pm on Thursday, 20th August. Note the earlier time which will make sure we finish in daylight.

Our route will take us along church path to Champlain’s Well and then along Mongeham Road to the Three Horseshoes.




A Recent Acquisition

I recently purchased a land tax record for property in Little Mongeham belonging to Richard Wilks of Northbourne. It lists a number of fields and cottages together with their numbers on the Tithe Map. If anyone has a copy of the Little Mongeham Tithe Map it would help me greatly in locating those fields.

Wilks died in 1896 and the record is for 1897. It looks as if the document was used indrawing up lot numbers for an auction in 1907.

Wilks also owned land in Great Mongeham. 



#1 Susan galassini 2015-09-14 14:00
I was born in mongeham name was Susan Hayward.I live in Cornwall now and I love to still here all about mongeham and surrounding areas.

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