GMS News 82 September 2015


Summer in the Village

The incessant rain at the beginning of August  put the planned village walk in jeopardy. In consequence I decided to put a PowerPoint presentation together as a contingency.


Hall_front_amallWhile we were taking photos  for the presentation  we noted how attractive the village had been throughout the summer. Val suggested we made a feature of the beautiful gardens and window boxes which have made the village so attractive this summer. 

3_Horseshoes_flowers_smallPalmerston_terr_smallHere are some of the window boxes which we photographed. Can you place them?

I will feature gardens in a later issue, perhaps waiting until next spring.


Last Month’s Meeting

Palmerston_TerrOn the 20th August Jim Rees led a party of about twenty members of the Society on a walk around the village. Along the route he pointed out features indicating the ages of the buildings and evidence for alterations made over the years, Starting at Fairfield in Northbourne Road and by way of Church Path we finished at Jim and Val‘s home in Mongeham Road. At the start of the walk Jim handed out booklets which contained old photographs of the buildings to compare with the buildings as they are today. Chairman Dr Steve Chappell thanked Jim on behalf of the members present.  


October Meeting

Graham_DearAs usual there will be no meeting in September.

In October Former Royal Marine Graham Dear will talk about his rôle as Yeoman of the Guard. The Yeomen are the Queen’s bodyguard.




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Love the picure of the three horseshoes.

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