GMS News 84 October 2015


Some more reminders of summer









Last month I featured some of the window boxes in the village. This month I have put in a couple of pictures of gardens.











The renovations to Pippin Cottage have made a big difference to Cherry Lane. The new garden will complement the house.










Hard work by residents of Horseshoes cottages has transformed what was once a rubbish tip.











What an explosion of colour could be seen outside Vale cottage!




Captain Robert Maynard

A very nice photograph of the Captain Maynard memorial plaque on the Deal Facebook page prompted me to complete my account of him which I started a while ago. The complete article can be found on this website under ‘History Articles’.

Below is the entry of his baptism in Dartford.









October Meeting

YeomenHenry VII was the first king make his Royal Body Guard a permanent institution and confer on it a definite title, a title it continues to hold - the Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard.

Formed to protect the King at a most turbulent time in British history today the Yeomen of the Guard have a purely ceremonial role, the most famous of which is to search the cellars of the Palace of Westminster prior to the State Opening of Parliament,

At our next meeting on Thursday, 15th October, Former Royal Marine Graham Dear will talk about his rôle as a Yeoman of the Guard. 

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