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Last Month’s Meeting


viewing_plans_of_new_developmentTerry Madgwick, Chairman of the Parish Council, shows plans of the proposed developmentEx Marine Graham Dear, who had been a member of the official staff at the Palace of Westminster as a Door Keeper, gave a fascinating presentation to the Society on his present roleas a member of the Queen’s Bodyguard an office G.DearGraham Dearwhich goes back to the 1400s. His talk was full of anecdotes and occasional mishaps which had occurred during his time in these two roles. Chairman, Dr Steve Chappell gave a vote of thanks.Queensbodyguard_armsThe Coat of Arms









Plans of the proposed development behind South Court Garage were displayed by the Chairman of the Parish Council, Terry Madgwick. Comments had to be registered before the middle of October.   (DK)

St. Martin’s in the Sixteenth Century

Trawling through my records I came across a couple of statements about the state of the church in the sixteenth century. The first, from Archbishop Warham’s visitation of 1511. John Crayford was the grandson of William, who was made knight bannerette by Edward. A fermor was a collector of Church taxes, and would be responsible for expenses incurred in the upkeep of the church. 

202. Compertum est That the Chancel lacketh reparation.

[Iohn Craford fermor of the rectory appeared, and was enjoined to repair the Chancel sufficiently before the Feast of the Assumption under pain of sequestration.]

203. Item. That of old time the parson was wont to find a lamp where now is none.

[Iohn Craford says that to the best of his knowledge the rector is not bound to maintain a lamp in the choir, but if the parishioners can prove it he will maintain one at the cost of the Rector. The Commissary ordered the churchwardens to prove it on the 12th May—On which day they did not appear with their proofs, and therefore, &c. (sic.)]

Clearly John was not one to spend money.

The second was from Archbishop Parker’s visitation of 1573.

Moningham : Compertum est that the glase wyndowes in theire church are owte of reparacons in the defaute of the parishioners. Item: Willmus Sherewood, late churche warden, hath not mad accompte for his tyme.

The Latin phrase Compertum est means ‘on good authority’.

An Archbishop’s visitation was made when the Archbishop made a tour of the diocese. Archbishop Parker found more than one third of parishes needed some repair. That year Elizabeth I issued a proclamation that all churches were to be kept 'in one uniform and godly order.'

November Meeting

Our next meeting will be the Annual General Meting will be held in the Parish Hall on Thursday l9"` November at 7.30pm. After the formal business a scatter quiz will be held.

lf you don’t know what this is come along and find out; new members welcome.

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