GMS News 88 Mar 2016

Daffodils in season





Perhaps a few weeks early, even these have nearly finished.















Last Month’s Meeting


Jim_DaviesTwo years after enthralling us with his account of the history of the East Kent Coalfield Jim Davies returned to continue his account. Using slides and archive footage Jim held our interest for the full 45 minutes. For those of us who have lived in the area for a long time it was interesting to see familiar faces, but as very young men.Those of us new to the area were made familiar with a piece of local history which had a great impact on our village. Jim’s personal experience as a miner together with his exhaustive and ongoing research made it a most enjoyable evening.

In the top photograph members are settling down before the start of the meeting.












In the  photo on the right the audience listens attentively .







After the meeting Jim stayed on to talk to people.












March Meeting

There will be a display of some of the material in the Great Mongeham Society archives at the village hall on Thursday 17th March at 7.30. The meeting will start with a short talk by Jim Rees who, with the aid of slides, will show how some of the material has been used to develop a history of the village. 

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