GMS News 90 May 2016

Three Horseshoes Meadow




Known officially as Rose Meadow, the land where South Court Garage now stands belonged to the Three Horseshoes. Between the wars it was a centre for many events In the village. Among the entertainments which set up there each year was a travelling funfair and a theatre group. Dog shows and a vegetable competition were held on August bank holiday.


After the war the land was sold off and the garage built. A fuller description of these events can be found in the article A Century of Allens at the Three Horseshoes on this website.




Last Month’s Meeting




At our last meeting Colin Cross gave us a fascinating insight into the manufacture of violins. After a short introduction, describing how he makes a violin from basic raw materials, he then allowed the audience to control the direction of the discourse through a series of questions. There was no Sylvia_gives_VoT_to_Colin_Crossshortage of questions as we ranged from the use of the various woods and the methods he used to the history of violin making. After_meeting_discussionHis encyclopaedic knowledge meant that he rarely failed with an answer, and his easy style kept the interest of us all throughout. The vote of thanks was given by Sylvia Bowsher who was able to relate the talk to her own experience as a Cellist.

making_a_violinAfter the meeting we were able to examine the samples he brought along and admire the tiny planes he had made himself to shape the wood to fractions of millimetre tolerances.





Wine_bottleOur next meeting will be on Thursday, 19 May at the usual time of 7.30 and in the usual place (the Village Hall) when John Howard   will talk about “My Life in Wine”.

Whether your tipple is red, white or rosé or none of the above, whether or not you know what a sommelier does, whether or not the topic of viticulture grabs your attention, I am sure there will be something of interest to everybody.

Hopefully there will be free samples, or is that wishful thinking. 

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