GMS News 93 August 2016

Last Month’s Meeting

A visit to Samphire Hoe


Group_with_PaulAt our first outing of the summer we assembled at the visitor centre of Samphire Hoe. We met at the earlier time of 7.00 and we certainly needed the extra time as the warden, Paul Holt kept our attention for nearly two hours as he led us around the reserve in the late evening sunshine.


assemble_at_the_visitor_centreIn the 18 years since the chalk marl was excavated from the Channel Tunnel, the site has greatly matured. In all that time Paul has been warden. He told us that originally the area was seeded with wildflower seed collected by Wye College from nearby locations. Some 36 species grew from that seeding, but since then the flora had been supplemented by self-sown wildflowers, so that to date well in excess of 200 species have been recorded at various times on the site.


He showed us great drifts of restharrow (below) which he said was unusual to see in such profusion and told us it was particularly good for fattening lambs.

restharrowBesides demonstrating his extensive knowledge of the flora, he also drew our attention to the magnificent coastal scenery. Which looked particularly beautiful in the late evening  summer reflectionssun. The warm windless conditions enabled us to see reflections of the cliffs in the still waters of the ponds and sea.. As we set off  Paul pointed out a sky dog rainbow, a phenomenon which many of us had never noticed before. There was something for everyone that evening, and we all had a thoroughly enjoyable time.




August Meeting

East_Kent_RailwayWe have another excursion for our August meeting. This time we will be visiting the East Kent Railway based at Shepherdswell. Their website provides the following information. Once a thriving industrial line serving the Kent Coalfield, the four mile round trip takes you on a scenic journey between the pretty villages of Shepherdswell and Eythorne. Rolling countryside, steep chalk-lined cuttings and the fascinating Golgotha Tunnel makes this a visit to be remembered.

We will meet  at Shepherds Well Station at 7.00  on  18th August. There is ample parking at the station which is clearly signposted as you drive into Shepherdswell. Note the earlier time. 

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