GMS News 95 October 2016


Redberry_from_Granville_for_notesThis drawing of  the house formerly called Redberry, and now known as Champlain’s Well, with what is now Lamp Cottagenext door, appeared in a book called England’s Outpost written in 1921 by Arthur Granville  Bradley. 

 Redberry_for_notesIt is interesting to compare it with these photos which were taken a few years later. I don’t have any old photos of the front of  Lamp Cottage, but in the drawing on the front page it does look rather idealised to me.The photo on the next page shows Lamp Cottage from the end .  It does look much different from its appearance today.Old photographs give us a record of changes in thevillage through the years and I am always on the lookout for old pictures, both photos and drawings.In 1953 the thatch on Redberry was replaced with tiles and the jettied front was filled in so that it lost the traditional Kentish farmhouse look, and could quite easily been built as a pastiche dwelling in the twentieth century. It was renamed Champlain’s Well as some obscure reference to Champlain, a Frenchman who explored Canada in the 17th century.

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