GMS News 104 July 2017

Visit to Fort Burgoyne

Casemates_Burgoyne The_outworksbarrack_interior











It was on a warm summer’s evening that about twenty members and their friends assembled at Fort Burgoyne. Our tour started with a walk around the outworks, a pleasant stroll with an abundance of wild flowers along our route.

We saw the caponiers which were situated to provide raking fire along the deep moat. We saw casemates which were built for cannon. Some were later modified to provide machine gun posts during the first World War. We then investigated several of the casemates which provided sleeping accommodation for the troops. The parade ground, which was once cobbled is now  tarmacked.


 fort_burgoyneHexo_casemateBuilt in the 1860s to provide rear protection for Dover Castle, it remained in military hands until 2006, having a major role to play in both world wars. It was interesting to see how the fort evolved as military needs changed. Nestling among the trees, with grassy banks and wildflowers, on a warm summer’s day it was a rural idyll, a far cry from its warlike origins.

Thank you Fred and Pauline and Steve and Debbie for the photos.

group_photo_burgoyneLike so many of the fortifications around Dover Fort Burgoyne is a reminder of the town’s strategic importance  over the centuries. However, like the Western Heights, there is insufficient funds for a proper restoration.










July Meeting

18th_C._trap_from_antiques_road_showbat_and_trap_at_Newington_ButtsBat and Trap is an old Kentish game, whose origins are lost in the mists of time. However it is a simple format which everyone can master to a degree, involves a minimum of physical exertion, and is great fun.  The photograph show an eighteenth century trap as shown on the antiques roadshow, and the print from the same era shows the game being played at Newington Butts.

We will meet in the garden of Ripple View, home of chairman Steve and Debbie, his wife where a game of bat and trap will be followed by a barbecue 





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